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In the late nineteenth century, Venice underwent political, economic, and cultural changes that affected its heritage and identity. The development of photography, the development of the mass tourism industry, and the success of Italian Unification in significantly influenced these changes.

Photographs like Palazzo Ducale, Venice by the Fratelli Alinari came to represent both the death and rebirth of Venice.

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The city's embrace of photography and tourism helped to preserve its heritage while it also helped to settle its relationship with the rest of the Italian peninsula. Popular albums of photographs that combined images of Florence, Rome, and Venice propagated a unified Italian identity, even if that identity was not yet fully ingrained in the Italians themselves by the late nineteenth century. The island of Sicily has served as one of the most important and common settings for the narrative of the Risorgimento. The purpose of this paper is to explore how the land, culture and population of Sicily are depicted in three key narrative texts of the twentieth century to see how they may participate of the cultural, social, political and literary phenomenon known as Meridionalismo, which, we intend to prove, may be compared in attitude and scope to Orientalism as described by Edward Said.

We will attempt to see whether the social and cultural stereotypical representations of Sicily that characterized much of Meridionalist literature are present in these texts and, if so, how they may or may not connect the literature written about the Meridione by southern writers with the literature written about the Orient. The island of Corsica was officially considered to be affiliated to the pre-unified Italian world on multiple levels linguistic, geographical, ethnical, historical, etc. The island would continue to evolve with and within the Italian world until the language transition from Italian to French was fully complete which would not happen until the early 20 th century.

On the one hand, the islanders oscillate between the original contiguity of their cultures and a remaining natural ability to intercommunicate ; on the other hand, over the years of separation their evolution took different paths, which resulted in the rupture of the linguistic and cultural continuum. Even though many antagonisms developed after a century of majorly Gallicized linguistic and cultural influence which resulted in the developement of Corsicaness and was fullfilled by the acceptance of Corsican as a language, Corsica retains undeniably visible links and similarities with Italy.

In this article, I will discuss the effects of a dis unity that reaches outside of the Italian borders. The historical evolution and disruption of the linguistic continuum on Corsica, sets a frame of reference for the conceptualization of the links that currently unite Corsican and Italy. This leads to highlighting aspects of the contemporary social, cultural and linguistic relationships, or lack of relationships, between the island and the peninsula.

Il presente contributo intende muoversi nel solco tracciato da Baldacci e proporre una lettura di Il lavoro culturale , L'integrazione e La vita agra come riflessioni metalinguistiche e sociolinguistiche polemicamente motivate. These two texts can be positioned, in the first place, within the ongoing cultural debate on old and new multiculturalisms in today's Italy.

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  6. Il Re Su! Aida Per chi piango? Per chi prego? Qual poter m'avvince a lui! Radames Sacro fremito di gloria Tutta l'anima m'investe. Guerra e morte allo stranier! Ramfis, Sacerdoti Gloria ai Numi! Ognun rammenti, ecc. Radames e Messaggero Su! Corriamo alla vittoria! Amneris Ti sia guida, ti sia luce Della gloria sul sentier.

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    Il Re e Ramfis Guerra! Sacerdoti, Ministri, Capitani Guerra! Aida Deggia amarlo, e veggo in lui Un nemico, uno stranier! Tutti Gli Altri Guerra! Stermino all'invasor! Tutti Ritorna vincitor!

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    Escono tutti, meno Aida Aida Ritorna vincitor! Vincitor Del padre mio Vincitor De' miei fratelli E dietro il carro, Un Re L'insana parola, O Numi, sperdete! Al seno d'un padre La figlia rendete; Struggete le squadre Dei nostri oppressor! Sventurata che dissi? Dunque scordar poss'io Questo fervido amore che, oppressa e schiava, Come raggio di sol qui mi beava? Ma la mia prece in bestemmia si muta Speme non v'ha pel mio dolor.

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    Dai tripodi d'oro s'innalza il fumo degli incensi. Sacerdoti e Sacerdotesse, Ramfis ai piedi dell'altare. Sacerdotessa, Sacerdotesse nell'interno Noi t'invochiamo! Ramfis, Sacerdoti Tu che dal nulla hai tratto L'onde, la terra, il ciel. Noi t'invochiamo! Sacerdotessa, Sacerdotesse Noi t'invochiamo!

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    Ramfis, Sacerdoti Nume che del tuo spirito Sei figlio e genitor, Noi t'invochiamo! Sacerdotessa Fuoco increato, eterno. Onde ebbe luce il sol, ah!