LOrdonnance des choses (French Edition)

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    Translation of "Caducité de l'" in English

    Thus the orders are in a regular progression of 3 "p. The height of the entablature alone is the same for all the orders and equals 6 "p. Similarly the moulding work of the pedestals, the columns and the entablatures gain in complexity as the order gains in height and opulence. Thus the base of the Tuscan pedestal has two mouldings, that of the Doric, three, etc. As in Vitruvius' treatise, the height of the bases is a half-diameter.

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    But Perrault cheats with the average, for he established it from the two extremes he chose. As already noted by Wolfgang Hermann , p. The only originality of Perrault's models is that they are the combination of bases, capitals and entablatures borrowed from various sources, especially Vitruvius, a few prestigious antiquities the theater of Marcellus, the Coliseum, the arch of Titus, the baths of Diocletian Once these models were defined, no modification of the proportions could be imagined, not even for optical reasons, under the postulate that sight does not mislead II nd part, ch.

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    Perrault is himself a severe critic II nd part, ch. He disapproves of the unevenly spaced metopes in the twinned Doric columns, as in the portal of Saint-Gervais, or the half-triglyphs in reflex angles, as in the Church of the Minimes by Mansart abuse 4.

    The architrave cornice is, in his opinion, an aberration abuse 9 — a probable allusion to Mansart who used it at Blois and then at Maisons and who as a matter of fact took his inspiration from a plate of Philibert De l'Orme Premier tome , , f. On the other hand some practices which were considered abuses such as the twinning of columns, criticized by Blondel Cours d'architecture , , p. He also advises the colossal order for great palaces like the Louvre abuse 6 pp.

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    • The Ordonnance is a manifesto in which Claude Perrault clearly asserts his superiority over the Ancients as well as his immediate predecessors. The orders he proposes are the best because they are the rational synthesis of the most beautiful models from the past. He defends his accomplishments marked by modernity and scientific progress, that is, by the rationalization of the conception of the building and by a certain idea of architectural beauty.