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Pure Dead Wicked

The action is set in the Highlands of Scotland, where the Stregia-Borgia clan live in a huge castle complete with turrets and a moat infested with a crocodile named Tock who has developed a particular culinary fondness for the taste of nannies due to an unfortunate accident involving one who came looking for employment at the door of StregaSchloss.

The three charges of Mrs.

Flora McLachlan, a witch who becomes the new nanny, are Titus, Pandora, and their little sister who goes by the name of Damp that being the general state of her diapers. He also has in mind getting Luciano to change his will so that, upon his death, Lucifer will receive the money their grandfather set aside for Titus when he reached the age of thirteen. Lucifer also plans to send some of his thugs to Strega-Schloss to do away with Titus and whomever else might stand in the way of his nefarious schemes.

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Tarantella takes a prominent role in rescuing Damp. Included in the book are a real estate development scam and a cloning project through the internet.


It is another wacky adventure for all concerned with a unique and funny solution. Pure Dead Brilliant : As Titus is about to inherit his grandfather's money, he and Pandora see a horrible forecast of their future.

Also their home has been overrun by their mother's classmates creating more hilarious upheaval at the Strega-Borgia home. A demon appears who intends to steal an old stone that has been in the family's keeping for centuries. In Pure Dead Trouble , the Strega-Borgias arrive home from vacation to find their butler comatose on the doorstep.

Titus becomes obsessed with exposing a shady corporation that has moved into the area. Pandora shadows the handsome replacement butler.

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Nanny McLachlan realizes that whatever attacked the butler will be back, and it is up to her to protect the children. The story is as twisted as ever and pulls you right along with it.

McLachlan, disappeared in the last book. Their terrible cook accuses Luciano the father of murdering her, and he is taken to prison.