Swept to Hell: A Novel of the Civil War Era (Book 2)

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Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes, This classic tale of a deluded nobleman trying to revive chivalry in early 16th-century Spain is one of the world's greatest novels. After reporting on the Spanish Civil War from Madrid, Hemingway wrote his iconic novel about an American volunteer fighting Franco's fascist forces.

  1. First Jihad: Khartoum, and the Dawn of Militant Islam.
  2. A Sweeping Novel About Race in America | The New Yorker.
  3. Civil War Fiction.

The Heretic Lewis Weinstein, Sevilla is the backdrop for this tale exploring the brutality and intolerance of the Spanish Inquisition. The Last Jew Noah Gordon, This sweeping saga recounts one man's survival in Inquisition-era Spain. The Queen's Vow C.

Gortner, The life and times of Queen Isabel are vividly re-created in this historical novel. Readers follow nearly 1, years of Spanish history in brief short stories printed in Spanish and English. A bullfight enthusiast, Hemingway chronicles the running of the bulls in Pamplona in this novel about the "Lost Generation.

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Tales of the Alhambra Washington Irving, In this timeless classic, Irving weaves fact and mythical tales into his descriptions of the Alhambra. Written in the last years of the poet's life, these plays about repression, ritual, desire, and tradition are a fine introduction to Lorca's genius. Films L'Auberge Espagnole This comedy-drama chronicles the loves and lives of European students sharing an apartment in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Two Americans try to navigate the Spanish singles scene and the ensuing culture clash. Carlos Saura's Flamenco trilogy.

  • Urology: Erectile Dysfunction (Audio-Digest Foundation Urology Continuing Medical Education (CME). Volume 36, Issue 07);
  • Smalltown Scandal.
  • Chaos in Real Data: The Analysis of Non-Linear Dynamics from Short Ecological Time Series (Population and Community Biology Series)!
  • Race and racing in C. E. Morgan’s “The Sport of Kings.”.
  • A New Twist (A Twist Book 2).
  • “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the Art of Persuasion.
  • Saber perder (Compactos Anagrama) (Spanish Edition).
  • Carmen follows a Spanish cast rehearsing the well-known French opera. El Amor Brujo is a ghostly love story. Carol's Journey A Spanish-American girl travels to Spain for the first time in the turbulent spring of El Cid Sophia Loren and Charlton Heston star in this epic about an 11th-century hero's effort to unite Spain. Goya's Ghosts Focusing on the last phases of the Spanish Inquisition, this film by Milos Forman is part satire and part soap opera. Juana la Loca Mad Love, This historical drama set in the early 16th century combines sex and politics in the time of Queen Juana the Mad.

    Man of La Mancha Manuale d'Amore The four episodes of this film follow the love stories of four couples, with Barcelona and Rome as backdrops. The Mystery of Picasso Picasso is filmed painting from behind a transparent canvas, allowing a unique look at his creative process.

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    Ocho Apellidos Vascos Spanish Affair, Two of Spain's most different cultures collide as a dumped bride-to-be from the Basque Country goes ahead with her bachelorette party Eventually the south vs. Open Your Eyes Pan's Labyrinth However, beyond pointing this out, Beschloss says little more. The issue cries out for a treatment of its own. As Beschloss explains, the greatest wartime presidents successfully leaven military actions with moral concerns — a lesson for future presidents.

    And invariably, all wartime presidents suffer personally. There was Lincoln with his headaches and depression; William McKinley with his severe physical and mental strain; Truman with his sleeplessness and nausea; Johnson aging; Wilson having a massive stroke; and Roosevelt visibly dying. It is little wonder that presidents look to other presidents for sustenance and support. Lincoln looked to the founders and Andrew Jackson. And more recently, President George W.

    And so it goes. Send me your questions using the NYT app. Some of the more titillating tidbits of the book are in the footnotes. An entirely cold academical professor — an odious man. Moreover, he refused to deal with Congress as a constitutional equal. No wonder his League of Nations foundered.