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Solve my problem. Cater to my needs. You become strong by being strong. I have done this. I am a woman who has lived, breathed, let go, and stood up again every morning. I have made the thousand tiny choices that add up to my own strength and independence. I have learned how to roar. I have become ferocious. I have aimed my power at every obstacle. I have climbed and crawled and screamed and struggled and lived with being misunderstood. I have pulled myself over a jagged summit.

Now I stand in this open, still, calm place and breathe deep. I will not pull you up here. You have to climb. You have to haul your own ass up this ladder.

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For a long time, I was willing to try. I thought I was obligated. A sense of obligation, like the idea of authority, is a made-up thing. It works only as long as we all believe in it.

Who are you, that I would refuse to grant you my strength? You want me to squeeze myself smaller, stay quiet, be intimidated. You want me to feed on your frustration, shorten my conversation, get out of your space, make your life easier. You want me to take your word for it whatever it is , quit asking questions, quit making waves, be a good disciple.

You want me to respond at all hours, sideline my schedule, worry about getting paid, negotiate myself down, treat you like a big shot. You want me to bow to your disrespect, let you be a bully, accommodate your self-centeredness. You want me to count your sincerity as wisdom, praise your earnestness, validate your frantic search for meaning.

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Maybe yesterday. Maybe me again, tomorrow. I have learned the lesson, but I still forget to live it. I made my own decisions. I see how I mistreat myself. To understand that my strength is for me, first. I can use what and who I am for my own dreams, needs, and desires.

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